The current “debates” about health care legislation boggle the mind.

The facts are pretty damn clear if you have just a couple of firing neurons left in your skull.

The insurance companies bought most of the legislators. They are the ones right now denying needed health care to sick people. They are the one’s effectively “pulling the plug” on chronically ill people and they absolutely are already dictating to your health care provider what services they are allowed to give you. Ask your doctor, he’ll tell you straight out. It’s the insurance company’s call on what care you get, not his or hers. Right now.

Forcing universal enrollment without a “public option” is basically handing the insurance industry a license to steal. They’ll not only continue to call all the medical shots but also be free to raise the level of costs so damn high 1/2 the country will be forced into bankruptcy for any major illness and it will be enforced by law! If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you are brain dead.

If you think the insurance and drug companies are fighting hard now, watch what happens if they get “reform” that excludes a separate government run program as an option (the public option they are fighting tooth and nail) and anyone even suggests regulation on policy prices! HMOs have been killing Americans for profit for almost forty years now thanks largely to Nixon and Kissinger. They changed the entire way medicine is practiced in the US and gradually removed all medical decisions from the doctors and transferred it to non-medical bean counters who put pricetags on human life. Who in their right mind would buy that changing this isn’t an improvement? Who in their right mind would claim that this will happen when it long ago happened already?

This is Karl Rove tactics on steroids.

Write your congress-critters, tell them in no uncertain terms that healthcare reform minus a choice to opt out of the corporate insurance dictators is absolutely unacceptable and you will be watching how they vote on this and remember it.

This is literally life and death stuff. No public option means no actual health care for most. Socialized medicine scares you so much you are willing to buy corporate fascist medicine? If so you are an idiot, there simply is no nice way to put this.

Still don’t believe me? Then consider this, coming from someone who worked in nursing for years. The average nursing assistant, those women who do 90% of direct patient care, are paid poverty level wages and have NO, NADA, ZIP health insurance themselves. And you think these Med Inc. companies give a damn about you? Guess again.