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Once in a great while a major shift in global understanding of how the world works and should work occurs.  We are at one of those moments.  Anyone who has seen the documentary “The Corporation” will know what I’m talking about.  The film asked the question “if corporations are actually people, what kind of people are they?” and then goes on to examine this in terms of psychology.  The answer was “a sociopath”.  Multinational corporations pretty much control the world at this point.  They call the shots to governments, almost always get exactly what they demand and have stacked the deck so much that self rule is a poor joke.  Recently our Supreme Court made this official with a ruling that essentially allows corporations to now openly (as opposed to slightly covertly) buy elections.

We had the spectacular banking/housing failure that forced the public to bail out banks that returned the favour by foreclosing every mortgage in sight when the ruined job market wiped out the last of the American dream.   This was followed with yet another coal mine disaster where it was clear human lives were openly devalued and lost for corporate profits.  Now we have BP’s latest in a long long string of “incidents” that cost human lives for profit margins.  Although most have not figured it out yet, they also just dealt a death blow to the US economy,  wiped out the viability of most of the Gulf States as places to live and work already and it will get much much worse in the months to come.

The reason of course is “we owe our shareholders the profit”.   Unstated is that in the past forty or so years of unbridled greed of investors, the entire concept of “shareholders” is a false one.   Back in the day someone would research and then invest in a company.  They would take a direct interest in that company and participate in decision making either directly or by proxy to shareholder meetings.  That day is long long gone now.  Often shareholders are such for only hours or days at most because the same profit at all costs mentality that ruined so many communities with the house flippers and real estate “investors” replaced and often out and out drove out those who actually owned property, lived there often for generations and had a real interest and commitment to the local community. Let me say it straight out…..yuppie greed did this along with the patriarchal business attitude “it’s nothing personal, just business” to somehow justify wholesale destruction of someone’s life, livelihood, and families. Capitalism just imploded people and consumed the world economies with it.

Obama needs to grow a pair right now.  Something can be salvaged from the mess that was the Mother Goddess sending message after message but only bold action will do it.  We must immediately invest every available asset in a renewable energy base.  This will also help the unemployment problem and do so in a fashion that actually makes economic sense just as the WPA programs did in the thirties to build the US infrastructure.  It cannot wait.

We must nationalize all the oil corporations US holdings, all of them………now.  We should have done it to the big investment firms and banks. No more offshore drilling, none, nada, zip. Yeah yeah, socialism and the right will go ballistic.   In case you haven’t noticed, they already have gone that way.  If the South wishes to secede, this time we let them.   I would never advocate just cutting them loose, but they will want to be cut loose politically if we, as a nation, do what needs to be done.  Perhaps Atlanta will be a walled city similar to Berlin during the Cold War as a result. Imagine the Atlanta airlift program to keep them going, thankfully they have the hub for it.

We will be in a major depression by this time next year.   Too much has already been lost forever including more than 1/2 of the seafood consumed by the US, all the southern wetlands and eventually all of the Everglades as well.  This is already gone regardless of what actions we take from now on.  America must immediately renounce the culture of greed and realize we all are each other’s “keepers”.  Can we do it?  I hope so but am not holding my breathe because so few people in the US seem capable of rational thought anymore.

BP changed everything, now we must also change everything else or perish. This may be literally the last moment in history when the world governments can take back control of their own countries from the multinational corporations. If they don’t we all are to be corporate property from this time forward and all our lives held hostage by their worth to those corporations.

Is anybody listening? The Goddess just screamed in your ears.