Obama’s press secretary had a meltdown this week about “progressives” and how they actually expect change they could believe in rather than more of Bush lite.

I wanted Dennis Kucinich, voted for him in the primary even though he “officially” was out of the race and further, I did NOT vote for Obama because I did not trust him.  And I was right.  I voted for Cynthia McKinney.  Hell yes Gibbs, I wanted Canadian style health care, in fact Obama promised it during the campaign.  Further, I expected the post election US to return to the rule of law.  That would have meant putting Bush, Chaney and company behind bars for war crimes which the entire world knows they committed and they have openly confessed to.  I also expected the government to stop spying on private citizens, stop acting like thugs, stop acting outside our own laws and stop torturing people.  I expected an end to the illegal wars and the immediate closing of Gitmo.  I expected Wall Street to pay the price for destroying our ecomomy, I expected Massey Mining corporate officers charged with murder and the same with BP.  I expected all of BP’s assets seized as coming from criminal activities.  I expected actual liberal nominations to the Supreme Court.

I expected an immediate end to Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell and the repel of DOMA.  I expected the Department of Justice to start acting like a department of Justice.  I expected the known issues of electronic voting to be addressed so never again could an election be stolen in this country like in some third world dictatorship.  I expected those who are elected officials who have openly espoused treason to be charged and tried for it.

And I still do expect those things but now have something in common with the Tea party folks, I no longer believe those things can be achieved without a revolution…. because we elected an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate of Democrats as well as sent the “Messiah” to the White House.

And I am not a “professional” progressive.  I am an old style liberal who has watched in horror as her country became a third world fascist dictatorship during my lifetime.  I have not even attempted to fly anywhere since 911 because doing so means giving up basic civil rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  I am infuriated at being subjected to searches just to conduct needed business at government offices.

I’m a pissed off progressive and I sincerely doubt I am the only one and I will have to think about ever again having to vote against someone rather than ever having the choice to vote FOR someone I actually feel good about voting for.  I have voted in every single election I was eligible to do so in since coming of age but have reached the conclusion that it is pointless and perhaps letting the Repugicans finish off the country is the only way we will get our revolution.  I am not voting in November for the first time in my life unless the impossible happens and Obama and the the Dems in Congress actually grow a spine.  It’s pretty bad when an old feminist woman has to tell the Democrats “grow a pair”.  It’s especially ironic when it comes from an old woman who had them removed herself.